The D​oula Difference...

Aside from the positive statistical based reasons outlined below, there are many practical reasons to hire a doula as a valuable member of your support system:

• Your partner can take a break during labour without guilt

• Unlike hospital staff, a doula is employed by YOU and works only for YOU

• How you feel emotionally during your birth matters both for your own physical well-being and the well-being of baby

• A Doula can recommend many community resources or programs you may not know about

• You will have support no matter what options you choose or opt out of during your birth experience

• You will have someone trained in dealing with pressure situations and remaining calm throughout

• You will have someone to explain everything that is happening and give you your options to make your own choices

• More hands mean more physical comfort supports between your partner and your doula

• A doula will always have faith in your body to do what it is made to do, even if you feel doubt and fear

• If your baby is taken to the NICU or requires special attention, your doula stays with YOU which allows your partner to leave your side without guilt

• You can text your doula pictures of it…she won’t get grossed out or think you are weird

doula evidence

The Statistical Benefits of Hiring a Doula

25% Shorter labour

50% Reduced rate of Cesarean section

60% Reduction of epidural requests

40% Reduction in forceps delivery

40% Reduction in use of analgesia

*according to "Mothering the Mother", Klaus, Kennel & Klaus